Welcome to the Yamaha Off- Road Dealer Demo Program!

Yamaha Motor Corporation has teamed up with 6 time AMA National Champion Jason Raines to bring dealers and their customers an all new purchasing experience!

In today's economy, it's important to be strategic and effective with you marketing dollars and Yamaha Motor Corporation understands this. Maximizing your ROI as a dealer isn't always easy to do, especially in tough financial times. That is why this unique program is the only one of its kind; it allows your customers the chance to go out and "Try Before they Buy!"

At each location, Raines Racing will be providing several different Yamaha Off-Road Models for customers to ride and test before having to make a final purchasing decision.

By participating in this program, you will be taking advantage of one of the many tools Yamaha Motor Corporation has available for their valuable dealers. Very rarely do dealers have a the opportunity to spend quality time with their customers outside the confines of the dealership walls. This program creates a fun and relaxed environment where your staff can not only sell products but build strong lasting relationships with their customers in the community.

Program Details

This program features a full the line of Yamaha Off-Road Motorcycles to test!

Including: YZ450F, WR450F, YZ250F, WR250F, YZ250, YZ125, YZ85, TT-R125LE, TT-R110E, TT-R50E.

Raines Racing will also provides the full event display area which includes: fuel, rider insurance, participation surveys, and proper safety equipment for unprepared riders.

The program is for riders of all ages. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian to sign a liability release waiver.

Dealers are required to have 1-2 product-educated staff members to help with the event to coordinate communication with the participating customers.

To bring the program to your dealership, contact Jason Raines directly (864) 979-6973. A breakdown of the program cost and detail of the 50/50 Co-Op funds will be provided and disclosed.


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For further questions and to see if you qualify for the Yamaha Dealer Demo Program please fill out the form and you will be contacted as soon as possible!

Jason Raines is a 6 Time AMA National Champion and currently owns and operates the only factory supported off-road training academy in the US. 'Raines Riding University.' Yamaha Motor Corporation proudly supports him as an individual and as a ambassador to our sport!