Neeley/Raines Winter Youth Camp
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Montvale, VA Class Youth/Adult
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Raines/Neeley 3 Day Summer Youth Camp
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One-On-One Class (2 Day)
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RRU is a premier off-road riding school based on individual attention and personal achievements!

Led by non other than 6 Time AMA National Champion Jason Raines and his wife former WMX and WXC racer Emily Raines, RRU focuses on helping riders take the next step towards their goals and dreams. We specialize in turning ordinary racers into champions!

Our hands on style of training is simple but effective. From the moment our students throw a leg over their motorcycle, they will be challenged and tested. We build on the basics and focus on personal growth and individual achievements.



I'm originally from Washington State and have been riding and racing since I was a little girl. My racing career started when I was twelve. I won my first overall at an enduro that year. From there I began racing motocross on the local West Coast circuits. In 2000 I joined the women's professional motocross ranks. I continued to race professionally through my twenties and finally retired from professional motocross racing after the birth of our daughter in 2004. When Prestin was old enough, we began traveling with Jason on the GNCC and AMA National Hare Scramble circuits. During his years of professional racing I witnessed firsthand what it takes to race and win championships at that level. I helped and guided him where I could on and off the track to enable him to be at the top of his athletic performance. My biggest contributions to the riders and racers that take a class are that I’ve lived the life of a racer and a racers wife. I know what it takes to gain the edge and perform better and faster. It takes more than just riding. It takes motivation, nutrition, physical fitness and proper riding skills to perform at the highest level. I ride and train alongside the current team members of the Raines Racing and AmPro Yamaha Professional off road racing teams. I have had the privilege of training current Women's Professional off road racers as well. My long riding and racing history has enabled me to help riders of all different skill levels from professional all the way to beginners. I have the ability to share my knowledge and give you the tools to gain success at any level in one of the toughest sports in the world. Together, we can work on the missing links and bridge the gap between the rider you are and the rider you want to be.

Class Breakdown

Riders Per School: Maximum of 12

Skill Levels: Must Have Basic Riding Knowledge, bike and appropriate gear. 

School Length:  1 Day, 2 Day, or 3 Day

Items Included in Class: Full Circle Training Manual, Full Circle Nutrition Guide, Practice Drill Guide, T-Shirt. 

Raines’ Riding University will be quite the experience; you will leave with plenty of knowledge and experience on and off the bike. The intensity of the camps is very high! If you are looking to become a top-level racer, or just want to be able to blow by your buddies on the next trail ride, Raines' Riding University is the place for you! I will provide you with all the necessary tools to help you achieve any goal you want to reach. You will learn all the secrets I have used to go from an average Joe racer in the C class to a Multi-Time National Champion.

The riding schools will cover all areas of motorcycle competition. Some of the areas we will be working on are physical training, mental training, bike set-up, diet and motorcycle technique. On the motorcycle technique we will be training on MX, woods, and an endurocross track if available. The areas covered will include hills, rocks, roots, balance, clutch control, throttle control, braking, accelerating, overall speed, coordination, corners, body position, vision focus and how to properly weight the bike. I will also show you my secret “speed drill” that will make you faster each and every time you get on your motorcycle!

There will be a person on hand to video the class.  This is a key part of getting better and improving your riding skills. The videos taken at the class will be available to the riders and copies will be sent after the class. Watching the video is like taking the class over and over again! The reason I only work with smaller groups is for you. With a maximum of 12 riders at each class, I can give each rider the personal attention they need and deserve. We will work on each riders individual weaknesses and make you stronger in your problem areas.  Also during the School, you will be able participate in a “product demo” that will allow you to try and test different products I have available during the school. It gives you the opportunity to try before you buy! All products will be available to the riders on my “members only” page for great prices. 

Meals/Food will be the sole responsibility of the riders. Transportation will be provided to and from the riding area if needed for a non-driving athlete. Bike prep/maintenance help also provided if needed.

There are places for motorhomes to park at all locations unless otherwise noted.  All living accommodations are your responsibility unless otherwise noted in the details of the specific locations.

Daily Schedule

Start Time: 8:00am

Lunch 12:00-1:00pm

End of Day 3:00pm

School Requirements/Recommendations:

- Heart Rate monitor (can be purchased at Wal-Mart for a good price, make sure to go with a model that has a wrist watch and chest strap) (NOT A REQUIREMENT, JUST A RECOMMENDATION)

- Living Quarters

- All necessary motorcycle protective equipment

- Gym Shoes-(Only needed if doing workout!)

- Gym attire (shorts, sweatpants, etc) (Only needed if doing workout!)

- Positive attitude, open mind, good listening skills, willingness to learn

- Food, unless otherwise noted

Cost of group classes:

1-Day School ($200/person minimum 6 riders maximum 9 )

2-Day School ($360/person minimum 6 riders maximum 9 )

Cost of One on One:

1-Day ($360/person)

2-Day ($500/person)


- Group rates are available if more than one person from the same family wants to attend there will be a discounted cost.

- Personal one-on-one riding schools are also available upon request.

- Contact me for group, discounted, and one-on-one rates!